Sunday, 15 July 2018

Army Of Monsters: Aussie Pride

Army Of Monsters: Aussie Pride is my first book. I spent almost one year writing this book in my head, before even putting pen to paper. Call Of Duty: Exo Zombies was my inspiration, but music is what used to write the battle scenes, written to match the songs. I started off with three main characters, Jaxis, David and Tattianey, but the further I got with the book, the more I realised that Jaxis needed a Sentry General, and so, Alan was created, and took the place of Jaxis as head of the Sentries, an elite force of soldiers in full body armour. I also used the images and personalities of my friends and family to create characters, so that I didn't forget the characters.  As I continued to write the book in my head, I got to a point where Tattianey found herself in a difficult position and brakes down. I didn't believe that Tattianey would show that side of herself, and so, Liara was created. In only a few seconds, I gave Liara a name, a profession and a back story that connected all the chapters together perfectly, and in that very moment I walked into my games room and started writing Army Of Monsters.    

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